Heatshrinkable Tubing


CONFORM TO MIL-I-23053B/5 CONFORM TO MIL-I-23053B/5 CLASS 1 & 2 AMS-3636B COLORS AMS-3637B CLEAR SHRINK 50% (2:1 RATIO) WITH ONLY 5% LONGITUDINAL SHRINKAGE Fewer sizes covering more applications OPERATING TEMP. RANGE: -55C to 135C STOCK COLORS: BLACK, WHITE, RED, YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN AND CLEAR To order a specific color add suffix ( ) Shown to part number:

(B) Black
(C) Clear
(R) Red
(A) Blue
(W) White
(Y) Yellow
(G) Green

OTHER COLORS ARE AVAILABLE ON SPECIAL ORDER HUG-P is an all-purpose polyolefin extruded tubing that is simple to use and provides a tight mechanical bond. HUG-P is an irradiated, thermally stable, modified polyolefin base product. HUG-P Clear may be used so that jacketed, printed components or cable data is clearly visible and inspection of insulated components, cables or terminations is simplified.
The tubing is supplied in an expanded form and easily slips over the object to be covered. When a temperature of approximately 275F (135C) is applied, it immediately returns to its predetermined size (approximately one-half smaller) and forms a permanent tight-fitting mechanical bond. HUG-P Tubing will not cold-flow or melt but retains form stability throughout its temperature range. No radioactivity exist in or on the material and it will not emit radiation. Longitudinal shrinkage is 5% maximum when completely recovered.
Controlled shrinkage to the correct predetermined size takes place within seven seconds at 225F to 255F. Shrinkage will begin at 235F, but at a somewhat slower rate. When using in an oven, temperature may range from 235F to 300F. Prolonged exposure to these temperatures will not affect the physical or electrical properties of HUG-P shrinkable tubing. HUG-P Clear tubing remains transparent over its entire operation range of -55C to 135C.
Flammability: Although HUG-P Clear is a high temperature material, it is flammable aned will burn. However, when the tubing is shrunk over non-flammable or flame-resistant components, such as connectors, terminal and wire, the entire assembly will not support combustion.


HEAT SHRINKABLE DUAL ENCAPSULATING ADHESIVE POLYOLEFIN WALLSHRINK=33% (=3:1 RATIO) DUB Series is a flexible, radiation cross-linked, heat shrinkable, dual-wall, adhesive coated polyolefin material that is rated for continuous operation at 125C. As DUB series shhrink, the inner adhesive liner melts and flows to seal and encapsulate components or splices contained within.
Standard colors of DUB series are black (Class 1) and clear (Class 2). The black material is flame retardant and conforms to UL 224 VW-1 requirements.
The unique clear material may be used when encapsulation and see-through inspection is required. Clear is not flame retardant. The adhesive bond develops excellent reel strength, depending upon substrate compostion.



CONFORM TO MIL-I-23053/2 CONFORM TO MIL-I-631D NON-IRRADIATED SHRINK 50% (2:1 RATIO) OPERATING TEMP. RANGE: -20C to 105C STOCK COLORS: BLACK AND CLEAR Standard put-ups: 100', 500' and 1,000' Other colors available on special order HUG-VL is a thin wall, flexible tubing manufactured from high temperature PVC compounds with a continuous duty rating of 105C. As supplied in its expanded state it will shrink to approximately 1/2 its diameter when subjected to heat of 200F. Because of its "plastic memory" HUG-VL is able to be expanded and will remain in its expanded state with irradiation. When heated it will return to its original extruded diameter. HUG-VL is resistant to ozone, sunlight, oil, moisture, fungus and has self extinguishing flame characteristics. It will meet or exceed the applicable portions of MIL-I-631D. Since HUG-VL is not irradiated it maintains all the excellent characteristics of PVC making it an all-purpose shrinkable tubing at an extremely economical cost. Longitudinal shrinkage is approximately 20% in the largest sizes tending to be reduced in the smaller sizes.




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