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CONFORM TO MIL-I-23053/2 CONFORM TO MIL-I-631D NON-IRRADIATED SHRINK 50% (2:1 RATIO) OPERATING TEMP. RANGE: -20C to 105C STOCK COLORS: BLACK AND CLEAR Standard put-ups: 100', 500' and 1,000' Other colors available on special order HUG-VL is a thin wall, flexible tubing manufactured from high temperature PVC compounds with a continuous duty rating of 105C. As supplied in its expanded state it will shrink to approximately 1/2 its diameter when subjected to heat of 200F. Because of its "plastic memory" HUG-VL is able to be expanded and will remain in its expanded state with irradiation. When heated it will return to its original extruded diameter. HUG-VL is resistant to ozone, sunlight, oil, moisture, fungus and has self extinguishing flame characteristics. It will meet or exceed the applicable portions of MIL-I-631D. Since HUG-VL is not irradiated it maintains all the excellent characteristics of PVC making it an all-purpose shrinkable tubing at an extremely economical cost. Longitudinal shrinkage is approximately 20% in the largest sizes tending to be reduced in the smaller sizes.


HUG-25TB (3/4" Black x 25 ft.)
HUG-108TB (3/4" Black x 108 ft.)
HUG-108TC (3/4" Clear x 108 ft.)

SUBSTRATE: Low Density Polyethylene ADHESIVE: Acrylic Pressure Sensitive
THICKNESS: .006Mils TENSILE: 10Lbs/inch width
APPLICATION TEMP: 0F to 176F ADHESION TO STEEL: .45oz./inch width
SIZE: 3/4" x 108 ft. COLORS: Black & White


PART#.....................HUG-A-36V (P.V.C.)
36 pcs. - Asst. Diam. - Black & Clear
Diameter: 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8"



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