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  Russell industries product lines include Accessories, Antennas, Bumpers/Grommets, Cable Ties, Capacitors, Circular Connectors, Lettering, Spiral Wrap, Hardware, Shrinkable Tubing, Solderless Terminals, Shieldmu Metal, Spit Loom Tubing and Hook & Loop.

  Dowpak product lines include Circuit Board, Support, Cooling Fans, Multicore Solder, Resistors, Spacers, Strain Relief, Swab & Acid Brushes, Diodes and Bridges.

  Seneca Fuses product lines include Glass Fuses, Ceramic Fuses, Pig Tail Fuses, Blade Type Automotive Fuses, Fuse Blocks, Fuse Holders, Fuse Clips, Fuse Tape-on and Universal Fuse Holder.

  Empire product lines include Needles and cartridges

  EVG product lines include Idler wheels, VCR Spring Kits, Idler tires, Belts and washer Kits.

  PRB Line product lines include Audio Accessories, Belts, Belts Kits, Camcorder Accessories, Chemicals, Circuit Board Repair, Computer software, Fuses, Idler Assemblies Lamps, Motors, Needle and accessories, rebuilds.

  Conco Electronics product lines include Amphenol, Automatic Connector, Benchmark Connector Co., Berg Electronics (Formerly DuPont), Cinch Connector, C-Z Labs, Electro Adapter, I.E.H., Incon, Indek (Elina), ITW McMurdo Connectors, Northern Technologie, Precision Connector Design (P.C.D.), Retconn, Tri-Star and 3M.

  Eiger Electronics product lines include Antennas, Amplifiers, Mounts, Accessories, Batteries, Coax Wire, Cat 5 Wire, Chemicals, DSS Accessories, Original Semiconductors, Protective Screens For Projections TVs, Remote Controls, Speaker Wire & Service Manuals.

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